How to utilize the HSA Store   

How to utilize the HSA Store

The HSA Store is a fantastic outlet for consumers to buy eligible products to fit their HSA account. With over 4,000 products on hand — from allergy medicines, CT scans, mammograms, and thermometers ­­– it’s a guarantee to find at least one product to enjoy. 

To best utilize the virtual store, search any HSA eligible item you need for purchase. From there, add a promo code to any purchased HSA eligible item. All promo codes can be turned into points for future purchases.

The smallest denomination of points that can be redeemed for later use is 350 ($10) and largest is 1,500 ($50). You cannot redeem fewer than 350 points at a time. Balances under 350 points cannot be exchanged for a partial value dollar reward. Points expire six months (180 days) following your last order date. To learn about all HSA Store eligible items, look here. 

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