The NueSynergy Difference

Groups with dedicated account manager

Groups with dedicated
account manager

Average customer service wait time

Average customer
service wait time

5-year average client retention

5-year average
client retention

“I am always happy I called the NueSynergy team. They are very patient in helping me understand my plan and get the most out of my HSA”

- Susan Goodman, Participant since 2012

"In addition to all of the help, your team was patient and upbeat on the phone.  I think I smiled through the entire phone call. Thank you for the amazing, warm, and friendly customer service.”

- State of Kansas Employee

“Thank you for the support you provide to our team and service to our employees. You are by far one of the best vendors we get to work with.”

- Judy Perkins, HR

“I truly appreciated the help of your customer service team today. They were a breath of fresh air! It was so nice to get the information and complete the process all at once.“

- David Collins, Participant Since 2004

“NueSynergy and their Account Management Team have consistently provided services that go above and beyond your standard COBRA administration.”

- Missouri State Teachers Association

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