FAQs regarding the NueSynergy Smart Debit Card

FAQs regarding the NueSynergy Smart Debit Card

NueSynergy offers a smart debit card to provide account holders with a convenient method to pay for qualified out-of-pocket expenses for themselves, their spouse, and/or any dependents. Here are some frequently asked questions about the smart debit card.

Question #1: Where is the smart debit card accepted?

The NueSynergy smart debit card is accepted at any qualified merchant (as determined by the employer’s plan document). In addition, the card can pay for office visit copays, deductible-related expenses, prescriptions, eyeglasses, and dental work – including orthodontia.

Question #2: What are the advantages of using the NueSynergy smart debit card?

Any participant who uses the card at a qualified merchant can pay for their eligible expenses. This means they don’t have to submit a manual claim and wait for their reimbursement. Another advantage of using this card is that participants can view real-time account information, balances, deposits, and payments by logging onto our website or the NueSynergy mobile app.

Question #3: How does NueSynergy verify the smart debit card is used only for qualified expenses?

As long as there’s a sufficient balance in a participant’s account, any qualified purchase will be paid directly from a reimbursement account once the card is swiped. The IRS requires participants to keep all receipts for benefit account expenses for seven years in the event of a tax audit. If there is an error or unusual transaction amount, NueSynergy is required by the IRS to verify the transaction. If a transaction cannot be electronically substantiated, a participant will be sent a notification via email to submit a detailed receipt from the place of purchase. The detailed receipt should show the date of service, description (or type) of treatment along with the amount owed.

Question #4: How do participants send required documentation for substantiation of NueSynergy smart debit card transactions?

Participants can submit documentation via the NueSynergy mobile app, NueSynergy member portal, or by email at CustomerService@NueSynergy.com.

FAQs regarding the NueSynergy Smart Debit Card

How to use NueSynergy’s smart debit card

NueSynergy’s smart debit card is always included at no cost and provides a convenient method to pay out-of-pocket medical expenses for you, your spouse, and/or any dependents. The card is automatically issued to all Flexible Spending Account (FSA) and Health Savings Account (HSA) participants, as well as for Health Reimbursement Arrangement (HRA) plans (when compatible with the plan design).

Here’s how the smart debit card works:

  • Funds are deposited into your benefit account in real time
  • When you swipe your debit card, funds are pulled directly from your benefit account to pay the service provider on site. Since it’s a smart card, swiping to pay providers is thoughtless for the user, as the funds will automatically pull from the correct account. 

Here are also two important details to know about NueSynergy’s debit card:   

  1. Allows participants to auto substantiate 80% of claims
  1. Any out-of-pocket expenses that require reimbursement will be paid out via direct deposit or personal check
FAQs regarding the NueSynergy Smart Debit Card

Why you may experience trouble with NueSynergy’s benefits debit card

NueSynergy takes pride in making our client’s lives simple and easier. That’s why if any issues occur with our products and services, we’re here to help. In the case of our benefits debit card not working, here are several reasons why it may be happening and what to do in the future.

  • Wrong merchant code (when code isn’t tied to correct account plan)
  • Card has been swiped too many times (up to five failed attempts)
  • Not enough money in benefit account
  • Don’t have an account
  • Account is inactive
  • Have an ineligible expense on account, which temporarily inactivates the card
  • Dependent is using card but isn’t tied to plan

All of these actions prohibit a debit card from working correctly. In order to prevent a debit card from becoming inactive, documentation is required. The documentation must include account provider, type of service and date of service. Customers can provide documentation via email or fax. Documentation takes five business days to process.

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