Summer is right around the corner (June 21)! Whether you have plans to travel or are staying closer to home, your Flexible Spending Account can help you stock up on summer essentials without breaking the bank. Depending on your activity, your FSA can provide a variety of products! Below is a list of the top items to not only enhance your summer experience but also ensure your health and wellness.


Sunscreen is a no-brainer when it comes to summer. With more time spent outdoors, protecting your skin from harmful UV rays is crucial. The last thing you want to worry about before heading to the beach or the pool is sunscreen. Buying sunscreen while on vacation can also be more expensive. Click here for all FSA eligible sunscreen bundle options.

First Aid

Whether you are dealing with mosquito bites, blisters from those long summer walks, or minor cuts and scrapes, accidents happen and being prepared is key. Click here for all FSA eligible medicine and treatment care.

Shoe Inserts

Comfortable footwear is essential for enjoying summer activities. A shoe insert can help reduce foot pain offering extra padding and improve blood circulation. Click here for all FSA eligible foot care options.

Eye Care

Protecting your eyes is just as important as protecting your skin. If you wear contact lenses, you want them to stay comfortable and clean. The FSA store offers a variety of contact lens solution and eye drops to make sure your eyes don’t get irritated throughout the days. Let’s not forget about the UV rays! The FSA store also offers sunglasses with or without prescription!

Your FSA is more than just a healthcare benefit; it’s a gateway to a healthier, more enjoyable summer. By investing in these FSA-eligible essentials, you’re not only making smart financial choices but also ensuring that you and your family can fully embrace all the joys that summer has to offer. So, dive into the season with confidence, knowing that you’re covered for every sunny day ahead.

For all FSA eligible items, or other HRA and HSA eligible items, click here.

Note: The products mentioned are based on the latest available information and are subject to change. Always check with your FSA provider for the most current eligibility list.

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