QUESTION: We’ve heard that the rules governing the emergency services covered by our group health plan changed in 2022. What are the revised requirements?

ANSWER: The Affordable Care Act (ACA) patient protections applicable to group health plans that provide benefits for emergency services were revised and expanded for plan years beginning on or after January 1, 2022. The revised requirements are as follows—

  • No Prior Authorization. The services must be covered without the need for any prior authorization, even if provided out-of-network.
  • No Participating Provider Requirement. The services must be covered without regard to whether the provider is a “participating provider” or “participating emergency facility” (i.e., without regard to whether the provider or facility is in-network or otherwise has a contractual relationship with the plan).
  • Limited Out-of-Network Provider Restrictions. If the services are provided by a nonparticipating provider or nonparticipating emergency facility, the restrictions that may be applied are limited. For example, the plan may not impose any administrative requirement or coverage limitation that is more restrictive than the requirements or limitations that apply to emergency services received from participating providers and facilities. And cost-sharing may not be greater than the cost-sharing that would apply if the services were provided by a participating provider or facility. A host of rules regulate the process for plan payments to nonparticipating providers—and the amount that must be paid—including intricate rules for how cost-sharing is calculate.
  • Restricted Use of Diagnosis Codes. The plan must not use diagnosis codes as the sole basis for limiting required coverage of an emergency medical condition.
  • Limited Application of Other Terms or Conditions. The services must be covered without regard to any other coverage term or condition of the plan, other than the exclusion or coordination of benefits, a permissible waiting period, and applicable cost-sharing.

Source: Thomson Reuters

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