16 things you had no idea you could purchase with your FSA

January 29, 2019

Flexible Spending Accounts may be more flexible than you realized, and you don’t want to miss out. 2019 is expected to be an even bigger year for FSAs than the last, with 32 million accounts expected to open according to MarketWatch. What you may not know is there are several health-related necessities you can purchase using your FSA.

Because many FSAs have a “use-it-or-lose-it”” policy, at the end of each year users will lose any funds in the account that exceed $500. Using funds on these household products could prevent you from having unused funds and forfeiting them at the end of the year.

Items vary from first aid basics to personal care and while there are several, we’ve first listed 10 common products many people use that can be purchased with FSA funds. These items also don’t require a prescription from a doctor to be FSA-eligible.


Lip balm

Reading glasses and contact lenses

Shoe insoles

Prenatal vitamins



First Aid Kit

Hot/cold packs

Neck pillows

Local drug stores and pharmacies offer many of these products. There is also an online store with the above products, and many more, that are all FSA-eligible. You can make these purchases from your account without a prescription. As many individuals use these products regularly and will purchase them anyway, it becomes a perfect use of already allocated funds.

Purchasing these items is also a productive way to ensure you always have the supplies to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Many of these products assist with preventive care measures and encourage proactive self-care. Being proactive at home can help you save on medical costs in the future, which means your FSA is doing its job.

While the products listed above are frequently used by many Americans, there are other more specific medical items that are also FSA-eligible without a prescription. These 6 objects could be helpful for people with more specific medical conditions or needs.

Wheelchairs or other walking aids, such as crutches

Blood glucose monitors and testing strips

Compression socks

Blood pressure monitors

Motion sickness aids

Incontinence products

Braces (athletic or orthopedic)

Additionally, there are even more products that are FSA-eligible with a prescription from a doctor. To learn more about what is considered an FSA-eligible expense, you can revisit your NueSynergy FSA welcome kit or call us today at 855.890.7239.

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