eClaims Manager

eClaims Manager
Integrating claims data from the carriers has always been a guaranteed way to build an employee friendly benefit account program. However, getting this information as an employer can be nearly impossible and expensive. While for participants it can be time consuming.

NueSynergy eCLAIMS

  • Gives our employer partners and their participants the ability to experience claims integration regardless of how many employees they have.
  • Participants are able to connect their insurance plan with their benefit account.
  • Once connected, all of the participant claims are available within the eClaims section of their NueSynergy Member Portal.
  • Claims data is used to auto-substantiate debit card transactions or can be submitted for reimbursement without any additional data entry.



  1. Make the debit card virtually pain free by minimizing requests for follow-up documentation.
  2. Simplify the submission of manual claims by providing centralized access to claim documentation.
  3. Ease administration and improve employee usage of deductible based reimbursement plans.


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