A Dependent Care FSA, or DCA, is a flexible spending account that allows employees to contribute to a portion of their paycheck, pre-tax, to pay for qualified dependent care expenses. Here is a list of five facts regarding this account.

Fact #1: Any participant of this account can enjoy a 30% average tax savings on the total amount they contribute to a DCA.

Fact #2: Contributing money to this account starts by first making an annual election during open enrollment. From there, your employer will deduct the election amount from your paycheck before taxes are assessed in equal amounts throughout the year.

Fact #3: You can contribute up to the IRS limit of $5,000 annually on income tax returns if filing single or married jointly. If married and contributing to an account separately, you can contribute up to $2,500 each, or $5,000 total.

Fact #4: Eligible expenses for a DCA must be for the purpose of allowing you to work or look for work. Services may be provided at a child or adult care center, nursery, preschool, after-school, summer day camp, or a nanny in your home.

Fact #5: There are two methods to use funds in a DCA. One option is paying directly from your account through a benefits debit card (only if your care provider accepts credit cards). The second option is paying out-of-pocket and then file a reimbursement claim with your expense documentation.

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