NueSynergy Mobile

eClaims Manager
Access your HSA, FSA or HRA on the Go! Check your balances and transactions, submit a claim or fund your HSA. With NueSynergy Mobile, managing all of your benefit accounts has never been easier or more convenient.


  • Check available balances 24/7
  • View account activity and plan communication for your accounts
  • Research claim transactions
  • Pay for eligible expenses or manage your HSA investments



  • Take a picture of a statement and submit with a claim
  • Add supporting documentation to a debit card transaction
  • Take pictures of receipts and store them for record keeping



  • Secure encryption protects all transmissions
  • No sensitive account information is stored on your device



  1. Go to the App Store (Apple Phone) or GooglePlay (Android Phone) and search: NueSynergy
  1. Select install and accept "App Permissions"
  1. Same username and password as with the online portal. If you have not registered, you can  do so on the mobile app.



Emma is your virtual assistant that will help you navigate through our mobile app. Emma provides an effortless user experience, where you can leverage voice commands to receive information about your benefit account.

Emma can be asked various questions about the full range of tax-advantaged benefit accounts, including FSAs, HSAs, HRAs, limited purpose FSAs, dependent care FSAs, and commuter accounts, such as:

  • How much is my account balance?
  • What are my most recent five transactions?
  • How does my account work?
  • What is the annual contribution limit?
  • What expenses are covered?
  • Can I change my election amount?
  • Do I need to keep receipts?
  • What if I don’t use all of my funds?
  • What happens if I leave my employer?