Eligible Expenses

Eligible Expenses

Wondering if that doctor’s visit can be reimbursed with your FSA? Curious if those eyeglasses can be purchased using your HSA? Or if that train fare can be paid for using your Commuter Benefit plan? Knowing what expenses are eligible under an HSA, HRA, FSA or Commuter Benefit can be confusing. NueSynergy has put together an interactive list of eligible expenses to help ensure you get the most out of your benefit account.

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(Note: The IRS determines what expenses are eligible for tax-free benefit accounts. This guide may not contain a complete list of eligible expenses and does not guarantee reimbursement.)


Eligibility Expense Type More Information
Not Eligible Activity fees
Not Eligible Autopsy

Fees associated with an autopsy are not eligible medical expenses.

Not Eligible Babysitting (not work-related, for other purpose)
Not Eligible Babysitting by your tax dependent (work-related or for other purpose)
Not Eligible Bleaching or Whitening Teeth

The cost of bleaching or whitening teeth is not an eligible medical expense. 

Not Eligible Boutique, Concierge, Practice Fees

The cost of monthly or annual fees to guarantee the availibility of a physician when needed as well as provide a newsletter and a 24/7 helpline is not an eligible medical expense, since the fee is paid regardless of wether medical care is needed or recieved. This is also commonly referred to as a retention fee.

Not Eligible Breast Implants or Removal

The cost to replace a cosmetic implant (i.e. reduction or enlargement) is not an eligible medical expense.

Not Eligible Custodial elder care (not work-related, for other purpose)
Not Eligible Dance lessons
Not Eligible Day nursing care
Not Eligible Dehumidifier

The cost of a dehumidifier is not an eligible medical expense.

Not Eligible Discount Programs for Prescription Drugs

Costs associated with membership fees to participate in a discount drug program are not an eligible expense.

Not Eligible Educational, learning or study skills services
Not Eligible Field trips
Not Eligible Funeral Expenses

Funeral expenses are not an eligible medical expense.

Not Eligible Gym Membership Fees

Gym or health club membership dues paid for general health and not related to a medical condition are not eligible medical expenses.

Not Eligible Household services (housekeeper, maid, cook, etc)
Not Eligible Imported or Exported Prescription Drugs

Drugs imported into the United States or exported from the United States by a consumer is not eligible.

Not Eligible Insurance Premiums

The cost of insurance premiums are generally not an eligible medical expense.

Note: Some Health Reimbursement Arrangements (HRA) do allow for the reimbursement of insurance premiums (check your plan's SPD) . Health Savings Accounts (HSA) are able to reimburse COBRA premiums, long term care (LTC) coverage, and for those 65 or older insurance premiums for healthcare coverage including Medicare Parts A, B and D.

Not Eligible Kindergarten tuition
Not Eligible Language classes
Not Eligible Late Fees

The costs associated with late fees as part of a medical payment are not an eligible expense.

Not Eligible Maternity Clothes

Maternity clothes are not considered an eligible expense. 

Not Eligible Meals, food or snacks
Not Eligible Medical care
Not Eligible Medical care (for elders)
Not Eligible Nursing Care for Newborn

Costs associated with nursing care of an otherwise healthy infant are not an eligible expense.

Not Eligible Nursing home care
Not Eligible Piano lessons
Not Eligible Private school tuition (for kindergarten and up)
Not Eligible Registration fees (required for eligible care, prior to actual services received)
Not Eligible School tuition
Not Eligible Sleep-away camp
Not Eligible Student Health Fee

Costs associated with student health fees are not eligible expense.

Not Eligible Teeth Whitening

Costs associated with teeth whitening are considered cosmetic and are not eligible expenses.

Not Eligible Toothbrushes

The cost of a toothbrush even specialty electronic toothbrushes are not an eligible expenses. Toothbrushes are considered items used primarily to maintain general health.

Not Eligible Transportation to and from eligible care (not provided by your care provider)
Not Eligible Tutoring