How do I access my HRA funds?

You can access your HRA to be reimbursed for qualified deductible expenses by 1) using your mobile app, 2) completing an electronic claim, or 3) submitting a paper claim. Whatever method you prefer, a copy of your EOB (Explanation of Benefits) from your insurance company is required to approve a claim for reimbursement.

NueSynergy Mobile: a claim can be filed by using the submit claim feature on the mobile app. Documentation can be added to the claim simply by taking a picture with your phone.

Electronic Claim: an electronic claim can be submitted by signing into your account at In addition to completing an online form you are able to attach an electronic copy of your EOB (Explanation of Benefit).

Paper Claim: a paper claim along with a copy of your EOB can be faxed or emailed to NueSynergy. A paper claim form can be obtained by signing into your account at or one can be emailed to you by calling our customer service at 855-890-7239.